Tribe: From Little Acorns

Why mummies people ask me? They have seen a few wrapped forms show up over the years and after my last body of work was completed (completed in Thailand where we lived for two years), what pulled me forward was a wrapped Buddha I made inspired by the bundled up Buddha statues we would see bound for a new temple.
Exploring my fascination with the late Greek and Roman mummy forms, I spent my first winter home from Thailand wrapping both fiber (using wallpaper paste, acrylic and oil paint, and oil pastel), and clay covered fiber that was subsequently fired. The frontal aspect, of being encased shows up in many of the mummies, but I also feel entities wanting to emerge from their wrappings.
I’ve come a long way from those first mummies. I make them because it’s a break from my serious meditative bark work. The mummies are more process driven and I often reveal a more emotive side of me.