Installation Pollen Count


This installation was created in 2011 (duh I think) At Trish and John Crowe’s Firnew Farm in Madison County, Virginia. It was created in conjunction with one of the bi-annual artists' shows of this group of mostly Madison creators. Made of loblolly pine stuffed in bird netting, with broom sedge and corn gluten “pollen.”

As I was walking to the silo for my first discussion with Trish and the photographer Bob Llwellyn, who shoots big shots of little flora objects, among other things, I picked a pussy willow and in that moment, the inpiration for Pollen Count was born. I made a small flora big too, to go with Bob’s photographs inside the silo.

As with most of my installations, a horde of helpers comes to help, and I lose control somewhat and they add to the finished projects with their own ideas. Truly a community project.