Installation Make Hay


“Make Hay” hay stuffed in bird netting, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park

Hay is the result of human based agriculture. We grow it for our use and we grow a lot of it. It’s sheer abundance makes it a common, comforting material. It is used to nourish the food we eat. To drive by or better yet, to walk through a field of hay pulls us to our first existence as agriculturists. The act of wind blowing across fields has been recorded in stirring songs and countless poems. But bailed up it isn’t so stirring. I have released the energy of it’s original growing state and redefine it in this sculpture..
For a number of years I have been responding to site using pine needles or hay stuffed in sewn bird netting.
The bird netting allows the hay to appear magnetized together, gives it a swirling muscular life, It is practically invisible and I’ve had people standing right in front of one of my works and ask how it is all held together. I think we want to think it is magic that holds it all together, not the mundane fact of bird netting. My early pieces are solid pine needles and as I’ve aimed for larger desires, I have employed some kind of under structure. But my first love is gathering the abundance of a season, working for a small cycle, letting the incarnation last another couple of seasons, then back to the source it goes (well the bird netting has a different cycle) and it all starts over again next year.