Installation StrawConda


“StrawCONDA”, Art in the Parks, Chicago, Il., hay in bird netting, understructure, 85' long, 2004

If I haven’t written a story about this project I should. It was made “in not the best part of town” as the promoter kept telling me of the site. One half of the park was Hispanic, the other half black, let’s just keep it at that. My side was the Hispanic side which brought me lovely interactions with people. The old woman who wandered among all the straw that was strewn all over the site as we worked. She carried a smile of remembrance of her life back whereever, where this material, hay, fed her animals. The young boy and father who helped me stuff hay one afternoon, the boy translating for his father. Oh I really need to sit and write a story about this one. I have not even mentioned my Polish angel, the head of caring for all the trees in the Chicago Park system. His headquarters was at this park and he appeared and offered his services, his best tree climber Jose, his cranes. And boy did we need them as we arrived without a ladder long enough to reach to the pergola.