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Studio and Gallery Tour of Rappahannock County, November 4 and 5, 2017. This year I'll be showing with Nol Putnam at r.h. Ballard Gallery in Washington, Virginia. And not just for those two days but from October 28 to November 25. I will be in attendance both days of the tour for catching up, hugs and viewing my new work. For more info go to

It's for a total revamping of my introduction. In 2013 I moved from my home of forty years, handmade hippie house built with these hands, pottery, community, a land I still call home. I moved to Oregon and it's new environment and land has taken my workings new places I never would have imagined back in my rural home in Virginia.

For the first year we completed our new passive solar house, then it was time to enter my studio and do what? I tried, I really tried to recreate the bark and other nature related work I was doing in Virginia, but it was no use. I think my aging, that I'm not out in the world literally chopping wood and hauling water, not having spent forty years creating my home environment, walking and embedding in the forests of the Piedmont of Virginia, has taken me inward. And inward is still, after three years pretty empty in there, I mean that in both positive and negative ways.

Of course I'm lonely for my old community as I slowly make friends out here. But the lack of committees, friends and acquaintances, responsibilities of my old life leave a space for me to explore what in the world I "should" be doing with more freedom.

I might add that the majority of my time back in Virginia was making pottery, images of which you will not see anywhere on my web site. Yeah. Enough said. For the first two years I continued to make my Morphos and finding an object that intrigued me, made something of that too. Part of me was treading water until I felt more connected in Oregon.

One night after hours I was dancing around my studio, pondering what next, is there some kind of material, more urban, that I might use for a show in Portland, Oregon. Flashing into my mind as well as other possibilities came the idea of using old skate boards as a material I could explore. Over the years I have realized that I am drawn to a material and then the dance happens between my DNA and it's. That analogy makes more sense when I was working with bark, which actually has DNA and a history, which I would collect off newly cut down live trees, in the summer the bark comes off in big sheets. I want to make something out of my surroundings, connect further, embed.

So as of January 2016, I've been exclusively exploring the possibilities of recycled skate boards. What I love the most are the distressed graphics and the strength of these seven ply maple plywood decks. Emmersing myself in the surfaces just as I did with the bark and all it's scarrings and bumps.

I think someday, and some day soon, I will just start making these surfaces myself. I also feel some larger Morpho work coming. I feel that time coming. Stay tuned.

So just a quick, yes bigger Morphos and more 3-D skateboard work. Onward.......

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Jeanne Drevas
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Cell 503 857 2923